We increase the intensity, joy, and fidelity of worship, not by including the word “worship” in every second line in our so called “worship songs” but by knowing more about God, and bringing adoration to him, as he is. Insofar as our conceptions of him diverges from what he had disclosed of himself, so far are we worshiping a false god, which is normally called idolatry. To study hard about what the holy Scripture says about the Son of God, who has most comprehensively revealed his heavenly Father, is to know more about God, and thus to begin to worship God in reality rather than slogans.

Jesus the Son of God by DA Carson

If you asked me 8 years ago, in fact even two years ago, I would definitely tell you that writing is the most despicable. Now, the tide has turned and writing is the most comfortable way for me to convey my thoughts, whether I am good at it or not. Yet, I don’t write as nearly as I should.

I think people generally lost their sense of wonder. The most probable reason is our culture’s individualism. Not that it never existed in history but it is so magnified and embraced today that the heart of this generation thinks that nothing is greater and more valuable than itself. Even Christians, who have to be creatures that always wonder (at least more than the unbelievers) by necessary implication of knowing and witnessing God through the gospel, are clearly under the chains of individualism. It pushes away God to a role of the great helper to our causes and makes us become self-centered rather than God-centered.

But how come we see this but don’t repent? Why doesn’t the church call us to repent? because that’s what we need. But we don’t do it. The church doesn’t do it. We have to stop being self-centered and people-centered. We need to return to God and behold His glory. We need a deeper understanding of the gospel that will end the vain act of chasing after ourselves. Then our hearts and eyes will wonder and delight in the most seemingly ordinary encounters to the grandest vision of Christ.